My name is Andrea Nagy and I am a Sound and Voice healing Practitioner. I am currently training to obtain a Shamanic Practitioner Certificate. I believe that more tools we collect the broader our vision is and we can help people to connect themselves through their perceptive channel.

I offer one to one Sound and Voice Healing Sessions, Sound and Gong Bath Group Sessions. I hold space for Sacred Circles and Women Circles.

I call and connect the Energy of the Universe, the Stars, the Star Nations and Mother Earth.

I have the call to use the Energy of the Ancient Irish, Egyptian and my Native Hungarian root.

I work with Sacred Geometry to Activate the Light Body and DNA, discover the Blue Print, Manifest and Transmute. I studied with Antoinette Glynn, the Founder of the Flower of Light Mystery School.

I was trained by a talented and professional lady, Marta Toropow, Founder of Nadabrahma Health Academy in Sound and Voice Healing. I have learned a lot from her and still cooperating with her.

I am training with Aldo Jordan at The Irish School of Shamanic Studies, who teaches the ancient tradition of Irish Shamanism, one of the richest Shamanic cultures on our planet.

Let me introduce the practice which I am offering.

About the session

During the session I use guided meditation and visualization to relax the mind and body, to help grounding and letting go of tension. I would also use Breath Work. After I create a nice environment using mainly different crafted metal Tibetan Sound Bowls, Native Drum, Crystal Bowls, Gong, Shruti box, Solfeggio Tuning fork, Chimes, Tingsha and other instruments. Also there is a huge healing benefit of using our own voice for chanting, singing songs with instrument and singing simple vowels. This way different vibrational frequencies reaching the body and even all the cells in the body.

The different frequencies harmonise the body, ease tensions and awakening the body natural healing abilities.


 I am a sound healer, and I am trying to guide you how to restore your inner harmony to the body and mind.

 Sound Therapy in the form of Tibetan bowls Gongs and Voice Therapy leading to achieve optimum Health and Well Being. In my work my intention is to bring balance to everyone’s body and mind, opening the quietness and stillness of the mind that is always present, but clouded by ours distracting thoughts.

I am inviting the frequencies to go to a very deep meditation to calm down our feelings disturbing thoughts and to recognise our open and pure being. Sound frequencies are an invaluable and powerful healing tool.

The best results are achieved when person is open and receptive to sound healing. Sound healing sessions relax the body, the immune system is boosted, and the body is more able to heal itself.

 I recommend to have weekly treatments as this fabulous method is a great way to maintain balanced and healthy mind and body. If a person has illness, he/she may need more sessions or even a ‘one to one’ treatment before starting to feel well again but definitely right away the treatment provides a lot more balanced and calming feeling.

Benefits form the session:

  • Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to a person’s individual needs.
  • Gentle sound -massage and harmonization of each individual body cell through sound.(It is not a Hands on massage, only the frequency has a massage effect in the body)
  • Relief of tensions and blockages in the body.
  • Reinforcement of self-healing forces.
  • Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and productive energy
  • Letting go of old patterns – a new order can evolve.

Also if you are experiencing any of the following issues, you may be benefit from the session:

  • Stress, anxiety
  • An over active mind, restlessness
  • Low energy or stuck energy due to stress, trauma , low self-esteem, health issues
  • Emotional exasperation
  • Any pain on physical or emotional level.

I am pleased to offer you an introduction session if you decided to take advantage of this amazing experience and healing treatment.


Sound Healing is a very gentle treatment although we needs to consider some health issues. 

– It is not suitable for people with Epilepsy or Pacemaker.

– High pitch sounds and gongs should not be used closed to people with hearing or ear problems.

– Water needs to be taken after the session for people with low blood presser.

– People with oversensitivity, mental illnesses, depression, mood disorders can be sensitive to loud sounds, although still can benefit the gentle, soft sounds.

– Metal Implants or Plates could cause discomfort, it is recommended to use gentle sounds.

– People with Vertigo advised to sit during sessions.

I am passionate about this work. I have seen amazing positive results from other clients that I have worked with and I am confident you will feel the benefits as well.

I look forward to hear from you!

Thank you for your time,

Kind regards,

Andrea Nagy



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